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Stockholm - město obklopené vodou
Sweden offers you an experience you will have in no other country in the world. Situated far in the northern part of Europe the changing of seasons are very marked, and makes the natural surroundings a magnificent scene of action four times a year. There is something for everybody in this exotic country, and you will undoubtedly feel at home among the open and friendly Swedish people.
Sweden has the extensive mountains in the northern parts with excellent skiing conditions, the thickly wooded forests and the small red cottages with white corners. It has the Göta canal which will take you from the western coast to the eastern coast “through” the leafy countryside by boat and the beautiful sandy beaches in the southern parts which of course are frequently visited during the summers. The long coast line is probably one reason to why sailing is a very popular free time activity among the Swedes.
In general, for you who are interested in sports, it is ideal to go to Sweden. In spite of the small size of the country it is one of the most prominent countries when it comes to hockey, tennis, golf, handball and more. If you are not into sports you will most definitely find a large supply of alternative things to do. Many worldwide famous artists give concerts in Sweden every year, and during the summer it is quite common that grand festivities and carnivals are arranged around the country. These summer highlights usually mean lots of music, fun activities, exotic food and lots and lots of people having a great time together – the cities become like huge party zones!
Sweden is a fairly small country, which means that you will have the opportunity and time to visit lots of exciting and interesting places during the year. The country has a long history and perhaps you will have the opportunity to visit the grand Wasa ship which sunk just outside of Stockholm on its maiden voyage in the 1700th century, or the magnificent royal castle in Stockholm where Swedish Kings have lived with their families for centuries. Perhaps you will enjoy visiting some of the many ancient monuments, e.g. the “rauks” on the island Gotland or the ancient rock-carvings in the western parts of Sweden. There are many possibilities.
Sweden is the largest of the Scandinavian countries and the country which has the world’s longest tradition of peace in modern time. The country does however have a history of conquering large parts of Europe before the nineteenth century. The expeditions were often led by Swedish Kings who back then had a great deal of power in Swedish politics. The most famous Swedish “conquerors” are however probably the Vikings, who went on their plundering expeditions around the northern parts of Europe during the time of the 1000th – 1300th century A.C.
Sweden is also known for having many successful inventors and scientists. One of the most famous is Alfred Nobel who invented the dynamite. Today, in memory of this great scientist, prominent scientists, inventors and other successful men and women receive the Nobel Prize for their achievements in physics, economics, literature and more.
Perhaps you also know about Sweden’s many celebrities in music and film. The popular groups Ace of Bace, Cardigans and ABBA are all from Sweden originally. Famous movie stars are e.g. Ingrid Bergman and Greta Garbo, two of the greatest actresses ever.
The largest city in Sweden is the capital, Stockholm, with approximately 800,000 inhabitants. Stockholm is always full of life and offers a large supply of historic attractions and entertainment, a visit is a must when you go to “the land of the Vikings”.

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